Premium Block

Solving problem

The PremiumBlock is the first platform to provide pool creation with the multi-chain network. There is no trustable pool creation platform that gives end-user protection. Premium block gives KYC protection for individual pools created at the discretion of the pool creator. Users can participate in the pool by investing or donating crypto based on the pool's terms and conditions.
To gain trust in a platform, users except Know your Customer (KYC). Implementing KYC integration into the platform will avoid scammers and frauds that collect the pool funds and run away.
Cryptocurrency coins and tokens are very hard to distribute to multiple addresses at the same time. Premium block platform will make it easy for pool creators to distribute the coin or token to pool addresses at the same time with fewer gas fees and time.
Premium block platform will conduct fundraising through initial coin offering for best top-tier projects. PRB token holders will benefit more in this fundraising whose allocation will be calculated based on weightage.