Liquidity Solutions

Pickleswap introduces innovative solutions to enhance liquidity on its platform, catering to both professional market makers and the community:

Community-Centric Liquidity Solutions

Open-source Market Making Bot: Recognizing the need for accessible liquidity provisioning, Pickleswap has developed an open-source market-making bot. This tool allows projects listed on Pickleswap to not only engage in market making themselves but also empowers their communities to partake in semi-professional market making. Users can earn rebates and token rewards, making this an attractive proposition for those with intermediate skill levels. The bot is designed for ease of use, ensuring that anyone with basic operational knowledge can contribute to market liquidity.

Orderbook Liquidity Pools (OLP): In a groundbreaking move, Pickleswap is developing the Orderbook Liquidity Pool (OLP), a novel product that seamlessly integrates AMM-style liquidity with the orderbook model. This innovative approach allows community members to provide liquidity as effortlessly as they would in a traditional AMM setup, without requiring any technical expertise. The OLP not only facilitates deeper liquidity on the orderbook but also offers liquidity providers (LPs) the opportunity to earn returns on investment and collect token rewards, thereby supporting the liquidity of their preferred projects on Pickleswap.

Professional Market Making Solutions

Integrated Market Makers for Whitelabel Token Listings: The process of listing tokens, especially for projects new to centralized exchanges (CEXs), often includes the daunting task of securing a market maker. Pickleswap simplifies this process by incorporating market makers directly into its whitelabel admin panel. This integration allows whitelabel partners to effortlessly initiate their market-making operations on the platform, reducing barriers to entry and ensuring a smooth listing process.

Market Maker Partnerships for Major Tokens: To ensure robust liquidity across major token pairs, Pickleswap collaborates with leading market makers in the industry. These partnerships bring seasoned liquidity providers onto the platform, enhancing the trading experience for all users by ensuring that major tokens have the liquidity necessary for efficient market operation.

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