Deposits and Trading

Deposits and Trading

  • Native Bridgeless Asset Deposits: Users can deposit assets directly from any of the supported chains to the platform without the need for asset wrapping, enabling a truly native trading experience.

  • Order Management: Users send orders as signed messages from their wallets to the platform's in-memory matching engine, which then coordinates for order execution and trade settlement, all on-chain.

  • Simplified User Experience: Pickleswap offers a streamlined trading experience where users can manage their trades with a single wallet across all supported chains, with no gas costs for order management.

User Journey

  1. Login and Wallet Connection: A user connects their wallet and signs a "login" message, establishing their trading account. This wallet can originate from any supported blockchain.

  2. Deposits: Users can deposit assets from any chain directly into their trading account.

  3. Trading: To trade, users sign an order message with their login wallet. The platform's matching engine processes these orders, with DEX handling the verification, execution, and settlement.

  4. Withdrawals: Users can withdraw their assets by signing a withdrawal message, directing assets to a specified wallet on the relevant chain.

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