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The most interesting section in our platform is “FSC” which is known as “Flash Swap Combo”. This particular model of swapping combo was inspired by the FURUCOMBO platform. We are focusing on building Flash Swap Combo on both the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain network. The FSC is basically used for opportunities to arbitrage by connecting various DEXs in the form of combo and executing in a single transaction. The most interesting feature is flash loans. When an arbitrage opportunity is found, users can take a flash loan and execute the transaction without having any funds in their wallet and get the arbitraging profit. A small fee of 0.09% will be charged for taking flash loans. There are more things that can be done with FSC. Project developers can test their smart contract bugs or exploits by executing various transactions with different combo sets through FSC. Initial funds represent the funds required to execute the transaction. Receiving funds represent the funds that will be received after executing the transaction.
Last modified 2yr ago