Premium Block

Phase II

In phase II, we developed and finished the incentivization of PRB token holders where liquidity provider and staking rewards can be earned. We implemented two possible ways to earn more PRB tokens. One is through yield farming, which is to provide liquidity in the DEX platform and earn a reward in PRB tokens. The second way is to stake the PRB token and earn a staking reward in the PRB token.
We have developed a test smart contract that best fits the PRB ecosystem and started platform architecture with creative tools for end-users. The token will be deployed in Binance Smart Chain because of growing adoption, less gas fees, and transaction speed.
Next, we introduced KYC inside the platform for pool creation as a protective measure to ensure pool funds. The pool creator can enable or disable the KYC option for a pool before creating it. Once the pool is created with KYC enabled, the KYC cannot be disabled for that particular pool.
Last modified 2yr ago